5 Tips For More Impactful Business Cards

Your business card is perhaps the single most important tool that you have to increase your professional exposure and build connections While there are a lot of ways to get out there and make connections, one of them are as solid, as a permeant, as recognized and powerful as your business card. For this reason, its important to have a business card that is impactful, that leaves a lasting impression on the person that it is being handed to. It’s the keepsake that they will file away for reference when they need someone of your skills or offerings, and it’s the mini resume they will judge you by when they first meet you and when they are considering doing business with you down the line. It’s imperative that you design a business card that is able to grab them and stick in their mind that when the time comes they think of you first Here are some great tips for designing a business card that is impactful and makes a difference.

Lots of colors
The mind records color and uses it as a reference. The color is how we judge the world around us, it’s how we evaluate the things that we interact with. It has been shown that color is perhaps the single most significant marker of our minds filing system apart from the scent. When designing your business card make sure that you use color to the best of your ability. A full-color business card is a sign of prominence and success in the minds of many people. Just make sure that you are also using a color that benefits you. The color on your card should be an accent to who you are as a person or as a business. Pick out the colors of your logo, or a color that has a defining meaning to who you are. 

Add a photo
It has been shown that when your face is on your business card, those who receive it are far less lily to toss it away. There is a psychological connection between a person’s picture and trust. It’s a sign of an intimate connectivity when you share your photo with someone. If you choose to use background photos as well, make sure that they are relevant to what it is that you want your card receivers to think about when they think of you. If you are a travel agent a background picture of a tropical island would be appropriate if you are a realtor, then why not a picture of our own lovely home, or of the home you are most proud of selling in your career. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words and in the case of a business card, they are worth the extra few cents to make an impactful statement when you give a card to someone. 

Keep it simple & Elegant
Just because you are using color and pictures down not mean that your card has to be gaudy or tacky. Make sure that you are keeping it simple and elegant. The adage less is more truly applies here. Give only the images and information that will make the most impact on the kind of the card receiver. A background picture, a logo, your name and contact information, a small photo of your face and if you must a simple tagline of your company. Keep it elegant by not using weird or outlandish fonts or odd text tricks. Make sure that everything is clear and easily readable and you will get a lot more response when it’s time for your card receiver to make a purchase or hiring decision. 

Don’t Skimp on the Card Stock
Another key element of making a business card that is impactful on the minds of those who receive it is something that you may not think about, the card stock that you choose. Make sure that you pick a robust card stock that has weight and clean edges. If you can choose the finish for the backside of your card to pick a matte or satin finish that adds to the previously mentioned aspect of keeping things simple and elegant. Glossy or fancy finished can often come across as gilding the lily. A card that has weight and heft is also one that is less likely to be tossed away casually. If it feels substantial in the hand the receiver is likely to consider it of value and thus will feel that you are substantial and of value when they are ready to make a call. 

Use Both Sides
For the longest time, the idea of using the backside of a business card was frowned upon. It was commonly thought that the blank space on the back of the card would be a great place for those who receive it to make a quick note about the encounter they had with you, or for you to add a quick note about a special phone number or an offer that was just for them. It has been shown however that this is not the case. Most of the time this valuable piece of printing real estate in the pocket of your potential lead is just going to waste. Why not use it to your benefit? If you are a part of business place the business information on the front and your direct information on the back. Place a web address or your social media connection information on the back of the card, or even place your logo on the back to keep the front cleaner and more refined looking. No matter what you are using the back of the card for, just make sure that you are using it. Cards with printing on the back are thought of as being more informational than ones that are blank on the back, and they are more memorable.

When designing your business card to be impactful perhaps the single most important consideration you should put into it, is who will be printing it. Please don’t waste all your hard work in the design stage by having a cheap online print company make the final cards for you. If you are looking for a great local print shop then check out one of the many providers of printing service Brisbane has to offer. Choosing the right printing service for your cards is the final and perhaps most important step to getting a business card that will get noticed and more importantly get results.